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The Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Insurance Prices and Enrollment Beyond 2014

The results of this study by professors of health finance from the University of Minnesota are rather startling and project that health insurance cost could continue to escalate despite the fact that the ACA was passed as a law that … Continue reading

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HR & Finance Panel Discussion for Non Profits

Where Your Systems Intersect: Benefits, Payroll and HR I’ve recently been talking with several of my non-profit clients about the day to day operation of their HR and Finance Departments.  We’ve discussed how they work together, how they are one … Continue reading

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Can a Business Combine the Benefits of a Cross-Purchase Plan with the Simplicity of a Redemption Plan?

The answer is…. YES, with an Insurance LLC. An LLC is established, and each of the owners of a business becomes a member of the LLC.  The individual owners of a business enter into a cross-purchase buy-sell agreement that obligates … Continue reading

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