Certificates of Insurance- This World has Changed!

Want to get paid?  Want to get on the job?  Want to get a certificate of insurance? Even worse, do you want to get a certificate of insurance that names a third party as an additional insured?

This world has changed.  In order to provide certificates of insurance that include individuals or third party organizations as additional insureds, a written contract is required.  Some insurance policy language goes further-requiring both a written and executed contract.  Other requirements such as Waivers of Subrogation, Primary and Non-Contributory language must also be required in a contract in order for a broker to provide a certificate of insurance indicating compliance.

Ten years ago the requirements of a contractual relationship requiring additional insureds, etc. did not need to be met.  Today they do!!  The state Insurance Departments have specific regulations and requirements stating that no coverages can be amended through a certificate of insurance without endorsement to your insurance policies or being in compliance with contractual regulations of the insurance policy. 

 This puts a real burden on the issuance of a certificate of insurance in a timely manner.

Your EC&S team wants you to get paid or start a job on your schedule. Please provide a copy of the contract to your Early, Cassidy, and Schilling, Inc. representative when ordering your certificates of insurance so that we can deliver them efficiently and when you need them.  

Written by: Tim Schilling

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